The challenge is to write and record an album (10 songs or 35 minutes of music) in 28 days.

So I have signed up for this years RPM challenge with my housemate Alex.  We have lived together for over 4 years but never collaborated on anything musically.  We thought the challenge would be a great opportunity to work on some music together whilst simultaneously kick starting our creativity this year.

The challenge takes place over February.  We have set ourselves the target of one track every two days, which will leave us 8 days to cover the days when I'm working in the evening so we won't be able to work together, or for the more difficult tracks which will take a bit longer.  It doesn't have to be THE album, just an album.  But as we've never worked together before we are both really excited about the possibilities, we have no idea what our music is going to sound like!

Interested in having a go?  Check out the RPM website to register for yourself.

I'll post updates and info as we progress