Theatre Sound Design

I like my sound design to be an immersive experience for the audience.  I like to aim for subtlety, yet love the power it can have over the audience.

Sound is an incredibly powerful medium and the majority of audience members are not all that aware of what they are hearing, especially if they are focused on the story.  

We are all quite used to listening to music, and this will often get noticed.  Sound however, as distinct from music, often goes largely unnoticed and it is this which gives it power to affect perception of the performance.

It is quite hard to represent sound out of the context of the piece for which it was created as the delivery is so important.  It might be incredibly quiet, or coming from behind you.  So it looses most of it's meaning when the context is removed.

Below you can listen to a few examples of sound scape elements I've created.  Some of them include musical elements - when I'm both composing and designing the sound I like to blur the edges and have the two aspects blend seamlessly together.