Other Projects

A selection of other projects I’ve been involved with, past and present.

Mellor & Steele

Mellor and Steele

Mellor & Steele is a spoken word and music project with fellow creative and genius wordsmith Ben Mellor.

We made our first show, Anthropoetry, in 2012 and took it to the Edinburgh Fringe where we were received both audience and critical acclaim.  In 2013 we went to Australia with it and performed in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, again with a great reception.  In 2014 we took the show on a UK tour with the final ever performance in Bristol.

We are currently considering completing our second show, Shaggy Doggerel, but due to other commitments it has been on the back burner for some time.

You can listen to the whole show of Anthropoetry, recorded as a radio play, in the player below.

Geddes Loom

Prelude To A Number

Geddes Loom started out as a band, with me on Guitar and electronics, Ben Mellor on beat-box and Leonie Higgins on vocals and cello.  It soon morphed into a theatre group who incorporate live music in the shows. 

We made a full length production in 2014 after winning a Routes North Commission from The Lowry (Salford), Theatre by the Mill (Bradford) and ARC (Stockton), we later took this to Edinburgh and performed a month at the Fringe festival after being selected by Northern Stage to be one of their supported companies.

Much more information can be found here.

Light Made Solid

This was one of my earliest collaborations with Ben Mellor.  I worked with him on three of the tracks from his poetry album, Light Made Solid - you can here them below.